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What is the lymphatic system’s role in weight loss?

The lymphatic system’s role in weight loss is to absorb digestive fat from the small intestine and transport it through the bloodstream, where it can be used as energy or removed as waste.

When the lymphatic system stops functioning properly and becomes sluggish, fat absorption becomes impaired, and fat accumulates in tissues. Over time this accumulation can lead to noticeable weight gain and extra difficulty releasing weight.

A strongly functioning lymphatic system is essential for healthy weight loss and overall health and wellness as we go through life.

Genetics and personal medical history are leading factors for developing lymphatic dysfunction. Lifestyle factors like stress, sitting all day, sedentariness, and poor posture can also contribute to developing a sluggish lymphatic system, as can environmental factors.

How can I get my lymphatic system moving again?

  1. Exercise. Regular exercise is key for a healthy lymphatic system.
  2. Get a Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  3. Hot and Cold Showers.
  4. Use Dry Brushing.
  5. Drink Clean Water.
  6. Avoid Wearing Tight Clothes.
  7. Breathe Deeply.
  8. Eat whole foods- consult with a nutritionist for an anti-inflammatory diet.